The Hobbit as Metaphor

These days one may as well lose touch with reality in favor of Middle Earth. Exasperated by the ambiguities and uncertainties of the modern world, paralyzed by our helplessness to effect change in a broken political system, we yearn instead for a world in which individuals confront foes directly, without the burdens of diplomacy or compromise. With two more installments of The Hobbit trilogy to look forward to, at least escape remains a viable option in the years to come. The theme of good versus evil of Lord of the Rings is retroactively tied in to Peter Jackson's The Hobbit in order to establish some continuity with Lord of the Rings. In fact The Hobbit is essentially a kids' book, and so it and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy are worlds apart aesthetically. The Hobbit as a novel is lighthearted and funny, whereas Jackson's is ominous and foreboding. But Jackson's decision to bridge this gap is artistically valid, and necessary if he wanted to create the same feel. Ultimately this...(Read Full Article)