The Connecticut Bill to 'Out' Gun Owners Shows Us a Nationalized Issue

In 2000, Rosie O'Donnell's bodyguard applied for a gun permit in Greenwich, Connecticut, presumably so he could protect O'Donnell's child on the way to a public school.  The gun permit was, Rosie claimed, sought by the security firm of her bodyguard and not O'Donnell herself -- but she did not veto the decision.  O'Donnell was therefore a partner with, an enabler of, the one who paid (indirectly) for this application for gun usage, regardless of how she attempted to compartmentalize the decision in her mind as someone else's action and responsibility.  This gives us some insights on how "the 1 percent" form their opinions. Note that having the financial resources to hire an outside bodyguard, either armed or unarmed, also kept Rosie O'Donnell off Connecticut's list of registered gun owners in Greenwich -- a clever device that other wealthy folks in Greenwich may well be using today.  Perhaps this is why no high-profile celebrity to date has spoken out against...(Read Full Article)