The Budget: Where Do We Go from Here?

Whatever one thinks of the sequester agreement, it is only one stage in a campaign on the budget that we are going to have this year.  The next battle will be the debt ceiling.  What are we going to do about that? The first thing to realize is that we are going to do something about it.  That is not a choice.  We are at the limit of our borrowing.  The issue is on the table.  A decision is going to be made. Now we come to the big divide.  For reasons that none of us can understand, that Thomas Sowell cannot understand, the GOP leadership simply will not take its case to the public.  And yet, the public is the only force that can give power to your argument when you are confronting the implacable rapacity of the Dems in general and the president in particular. What to do?  Take the GOP case on the debt ceiling to the public!  After all, what are Boehner, Cantor, and the others there for?  It can't be just that being a member...(Read Full Article)