Should Your Children Pay for My Rollercoaster?

On Wednesday I joined a Facebook conversation among my New Jersey relatives and friends voicing their outrage over the delay in the $60-billion Sandy relief package. Hoping to make people think, I wrote, "I want our roller coaster up and running by this summer, and I don't care if we have to borrow from the Chinese to do it."  I was referring here to the Seaside Heights roller coaster that somehow managed to slide off its crumbling pier and land standing upright in the ocean.  In the process, it became something of a symbol of Sandy's wrath. My irony, alas, passed unnoticed.  Several respondents "liked" my comment.  None took me to task.  Yes, of course, let us borrow from the Chinese if we have to.  Why not?  Everyone else is. The criticism of the Sandy Bill to date has been about the pork the Senate larded into it: the $150 million for fisheries as far away as Alaska; the $2 million for unrelated repairs at the Smithsonian; the $50 million in...(Read Full Article)