RG II, Not Bill Clinton for Father of the Year!

Sometimes, committees simply lose their minds. This is clearly the case with the National Father's Day Council. The council has, unbelievably, voted to make Bill Clinton Father of the Year. What were they thinking? Perhaps they wanted to smooth the political waters and help clear the air of partisan hostility.If we are looking for model fathers to honor, we can surely look to Robert Griffin, Jr., the estimable dad of Washington Redskins quarterback, Robert Griffin III. A veteran Army NCO, Robert Griffin, Jr. coached his talented son on the field and off. He helped to guide "RGIII" on the straight path to success in sports and in life. Giving his son a name to be proud of, Robert Griffin, Jr., certainly deserves to be the Father of the Year, this year many years. If we are seeking greater civility in public life, we can see it in Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. This week, Gov. McDonnell reached across partisan lines at the Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast. McDonnell, a Republican and a...(Read Full Article)