Popping Obama's Balloon

A harbinger, of course, is a sign of things certain to come. A trial balloon, on the other hand, only comes to pass if it's not shot out of the sky once launched. Such is politics. And so, we note with interest two obvious trial balloons floated in recent days by Washington-based columnists announcing -- sort of -- that the Obama Administration intends to de-couple the United States from Israel and adopt a more independent attitude towards the Middle East generally and the Jewish State in particular. Thus, Mr. Obama and his proposed foreign policy team intend to undo more than a half century of American foreign policy. And you thought only Ronald Reagan did "roll-back!"  President Eisenhower, of course, talked about it. But only Reagan did it. Nevertheless -- ironically -- we heard this week of something called "the Eisenhower Doctrine."  President Dwight D. Eisenhower (who left office in 1961) was cited by David Ignatius of the Washington Post as precedent for an impending...(Read Full Article)