Now Is the Time to Ban...

Not long after President Obama's recent speech on gun control, I received several e-mails from Jim Messina (at and Joe Biden from  These two repeatedly quoted the president: "If we can save the life of even one child, then we have a responsibility to act."  These are powerful words, and they tug at the heartstrings of us all. I started to do some research and found out that in 2010, 180 children under the age of 11 were killed by a firearm.  This is a national tragedy.  CBS news quoted the president saying, "Every day we wait" to act on guns, the number of victims "will keep growing." This is dire.  It's an epidemic.  I have kids.  I want them to be safe.  We'd better take action, America!  Well, some already have. The Marin County Police Department's gun buyback program was so successful, they had to issue vouchers!  People were quoted saying how good it made them feel, or how they didn't know...(Read Full Article)