No Wonder Our Horse Won't Run

The U.S. economy is a thoroughbred racehorse that has won every past race. Now, it won't run at all. The trainers (Washington) first tried the "carrot" approach.  They tempted the horse with apples (TARP funds), but somehow, the apples never got to the horse.  Then they offered actual carrots (bailouts), but the faster rabbits (banks) ate them before the horse could.  The thoroughbred just stood there. The trainers switched to the "stick."  They took away the horse's oats and hay and gave his food to a favorite animal (Solyndra).  They removed the racing saddle (first position on GM stock), gave it to a rival horse (unions), and replaced the lightweight saddle with a very heavy western one (massive increase in bureaucracy).  The horse started wobbling.    Now they are bringing out a cattle prod (higher taxes for all).  The horse is falling down.  I can see why. The jockey atop the horse promised us he weighed less than nothing (would...(Read Full Article)