Jesus is coming...for your guns!

Two thousand years of existence, two thousand years of heresies and reforms, abuses and revivals have bred a Christianity diverse and confusing, alive -- and yet smothered by itself. Should a man be surprised, then, when Christian youth magazines suggest that Christ commanded us to ban guns; when popular Christian bloggers proclaim that "love" means tolerating and legally sanctioning vice, that charity means robbing neighbors to feed welfare queens?  After all, love -- what is it?  Is it not weeping for those who suffer?  Giving at cost for another's well-being?  Enduring all horrors with indomitable kindness?  Persuading not with force, but with charity and reason and patience? Yes -- love is difficult, a condition proven only by expense; never by comfort, never by laziness, rarely in total safety.  But love for children, for the elderly, for woman and the proletarian can easily become a tyrant's creed -- the rationalization behind any effort to...(Read Full Article)