Hijacking Rights

America has been turned upside down.The concepts of rights, money and morality have been hijacked. The causes of our intellectual, financial and moral bankruptcies have been underway for a long time. First hijacked was the concept of rights. The original Founders' concepts of rights were strictly political rights. They were a moral concept of enabling individual freedom of action in a social context. Our founding documents protected our natural right to our own life, the right to be left alone, to be free to act without asking for permission, and to be free from the force of others. Included in these rights were property rights. They were not the right to goods but the right to pursue goods through your own individual action. There was no guarantee that you would earn any property but if you did earn it, you would own it. The hijacking of the concept of rights began with FDR with a moral claim of "Economic Rights". The 1960 Democratic convention made the agenda explicit, including...(Read Full Article)