Hagel and a Nuclear Iran -- Perfect Together

Sounding indistinguishable from Noam Chomsky or Rev. Jeremiah Wright, former Sen. Chuck Hagel agreed in an Al Jazeera interview that the United States is "the world's bully" and has depicted Israel as a cruel oppressor, yet appears to have little similar concern about the danger of a nuclear-armed Iran. To the contrary, Hagel has gone so far as to argue that any government (even an openly genocidal jihadist regime) possessing such a weapon would naturally respond to the gravity of their new responsibility with common sense, prudence, and sanity. Hagel's depiction of the U.S. and Israel as the world's chief troublemakers and jihadists as benign eerily echoes the worldview of Michael Moore, who has declared "Americans kill people," Israelis "know they are wrong," and "There is no [Islamic] terror threat." It comes as no surprise that Moore, the Iranian regime, Time magazine's Joe Klein, David Duke, Oliver Stone, and others in the progressive-Islamist-neo-Nazi alliance endorse Obama's...(Read Full Article)