Guns, Gays, and Eighteenth-Century Rights

As of January 13, 2013, when a million French citizens stormed Paris to stop a bill extending marriage and adoption rights to same-sex couples, it became clear that the world is witnessing a compressed, high-speed reprise of the late eighteenth century.  As the internet's magnificent social networking hubs became a means of organizing a human rights movement at lightning velocity in France -- for the march on Paris was, it must be noted, primarily a march for the rights of children -- in the United States, a large swath of the citizenry is enraged over threats to take away their guns and tagging Piers Morgan as the modern-day British magistrate retreading the oppressions that led to the Declaration of Independence.  The key documents that these two mass movements against gay marriage and gun control cite were authored, coincidentally, at roughly the same time: the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified at the end of 1791, and the French revolutionary...(Read Full Article)