Guns Are Designed to Kill

Would-be gun controllers argue that guns are different from other dangerous commodities.  Guns are uniquely are designed to kill, they say, and therefore lack the utility of other dangerous things.  Take automobiles, for instance: automobiles kill more people than guns, but automobiles' primary use is peaceful, and automobiles are not designed to kill.  Why, gun controllers ask, should we tolerate guns, which are dangerous and have no material utility other than killing? Gun-rights defenders sometimes argue that guns have innocent uses such as hunting and target-shooting.  Those uses, they argue, justify widespread gun ownership.  But what other widespread toy is as potentially lethal as guns?  It's poor argumentation to refuse to acknowledge the obvious: the function of guns is to kill.  That is incontrovertible.  Non-killing uses of guns are incidental. Does that make the gun controllers right?  No.  If we are to preserve our...(Read Full Article)