Gun Violence and the FBI

Whether Americans agree or disagree with President Obama's new gun control proposals, what should be evident is that he ignored many other factors that can contribute to mass killings and murder in general. The president should have done his research to determine that there is plenty of blame to go around. American Thinker asked former FBI Agents for their opinion on what is to blame. All of those interviewed feel that a ban on weapons and ammunition will not make Americans safer. They do support more stringent background checks on all weapons sold in all venues. All confirmed to American Thinker that merely banning a particular class of weapon will not stop the urge to kill since the gun is only a tool used to murder unarmed, innocent, and vulnerable people. They believe that if the intent is there, the murderer will find a way, whether using fertilizer and diesel fuel as Timothy McVeigh did in Oklahoma, obtaining a gun illegally as William Spengler did in Webster, N.Y.,...(Read Full Article)