Egypt's Stillborn Democracy

While all eyes in Washington have been directed as to whether or not we will be going off the "fiscal cliff", there is a civilizational cliff that much of the Muslim and Arab world are rapidly plunging across. Much of the West had thought we had been providing them with a parachute, cut out of the soft, gentle fabric, imported from America and England, of respect for human rights, the little "give" provided by tolerance, and a foundation of democratic institutions upon which to fall. Instead, we are looking at a Middle East that is descending in an inchoate free fall back down onto the familiar ground of religious fundamentalism, primordial, primitive tribal society, and internecine warfare which that region of the world is so accustomed to. Take Egypt, for example. The over 50 billion dollars in U.S. aid that we have given the Egyptians in the 34 years since they had signed the Camp David Treaty with Israel had deceptively assured many of us that we would have our hand on...(Read Full Article)