Disrespecting Texas Heroes

William Barrett Travis and Stephen F. Austin, two great heroes of Texas' historic fight against the Mexican tyrant Santa Anna, would be rolling in their graves if they could watch the Travis County Court of Commissioners and City of Austin maneuver to end gun shows in their namesake city and county. The moves by court and council might seem innocuous, appropriate and innocent enough to the media-washed voters in this blue dot county of red Texas. But ominously they signal that the city and county, governed almost exclusively by liberals, will likely move down the path of ever-stricter gun laws -- like the ones that don't secure the safety of citizens in Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., etc. Of course, there is absolutely no set of facts showing that the transfer of buying and selling of guns between people at gun shows have played a role in any of the mass shootings now dominating the attention agitprop media or liberal elected officials. No matter. The left is on the...(Read Full Article)