Conservatism is More Than Growth and Opportunity

President Obama either signed conservatism's death warrant last week, with his second inaugural's theme of entitlements forever, climate wars forever, and equality forever, or he sent the liberal Army Group A heading for the Caucasus.  But don't worry liberals: the Sixth Army will take care of Reagangrad. Meanwhile conservatives are starting to organize for 2016: people like Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA).  Stop fussing about inside the Beltway government, he told the Republican National Committee: focus on the big picture of growth and opportunity. OK, governor, that's good as far as it goes.  But something was missing in your speech.  "Growth and opportunity" is boy stuff.  Whatever happened to sharing and caring? Look, I understand that the GOP is the Daddy party and the Democratic Party is the Mommy party.  Maybe there is no way that Republicans can win against the equation that caring-and-sharing equals free stuff from the government.  At least,...(Read Full Article)