Children Deserve to Be Defended

I teach at a unique K-12 school that educates students on the importance of patriotism and leadership.  We unapologetically teach about America's extraordinary heroes, especially our founding fathers, who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to secure our liberty.  Our students learn the value of applying the principles of honor, courage, and individual responsibility to their everyday lives.  Recently, however, I have grown concerned about whether or not our school board leaders can bring themselves to stand up for these same principles when it really counts. After the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, I expected our school to take a bold stand on defending the lives of the children we are entrusted with.  Instead, we did what many other schools in America did after the shooting -- put out a feel-good statement of concern and then have a meeting to discuss all the various inefficient and non-confrontational ways to magically prevent such a thing from...(Read Full Article)