Changing the Culture One Film at a Time: Baseball, Dennis and the French

Paul Croshaw, film producer, and Dennis Prager, talk show host and writer, have recently contributed to the budding reform movement aimed at turning Americans back to their Judeo/Christian heritage.  They have created a winsome, quirky, yet seriously intellectual film designed to persuade Americans to return to their spiritual roots. The film, entitled Baseball, Dennis and the French, stars Prager, who, true to form as one of the West Coast's most popular radio talk show hosts, tackles some of the knottiest questions about Judaism and Christianity with a folksy clarity that belies a sharp intelligence long devoted to addressing the meta-questions facing the West.  Croshaw is equally articulate, putting his and Prager's spiritual journeys into contexts supplemented by home movies and photos. Croshaw listened to Prager's radio show for years.  Partly because of Dennis's persuasive arguments, he was gradually converted from liberalism to Christianity and...(Read Full Article)