A Tale of Three Cabinet Nominees

President Obama's national security nominees -- former Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE), Senator John Kerry (D-MA), and counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan -- all have something in common: they appear risk-adverse and want to disengage America from the world's affairs.  The questions that need to be asked: should they have been nominated, and will they put America at greater peril?  American Thinker interviewed experts to get their opinions. There is a wide consensus that Hagel should never have been nominated.  Many Jewish groups are very discouraged by the president's choice.  Although many of his remarks might not be considered anti-Semitic, they certainly show a lack of cultural sensitivity.  President Obama has promoted cultural sensitivity throughout his administration, yet he disregards it when it comes to those who support Israel. Throughout his Senate career, as reported by various Jewish Nebraska constituents, Chuck Hagel seems to always place the...(Read Full Article)