A Moral Choice?

I'd like to get your opinion on something. I own a building.  Most of the building is made up of non-living areas, but there is one apartment in the building that is a suitable residence.  That apartment, however, is not usually occupied by any people.  From time to time, I might let a friend use other parts of my building, but I am usually very careful to lock the door to the hallway leading to the apartment because I don't want anyone in there.  In addition, my building has an internal alarm system that will let me know if something moves in that apartment.  By accident, one day I forgot to lock those hallway doors when one of my friends came by. A few days later, my building's internal alarms went off -- alerting me to the fact that something had entered the apartment.  I sent someone to inspect, and he reported back to me that there were some food remnants found in the apartment that were not in there before.  There were other signs that...(Read Full Article)