We Are a Nation of Immigrants...Sort Of

In any debate about immigration, the response you are likely to get will probably include the sickly-sweet mantra, "We're a nation of immigrants." Whether you're pointing out that illegal immigrants are driving down wages, failing to assimilate, or promoting the welfare state, the answer is predictable: "We're a nation of immigrants." The "nation of immigrants" mantra is often a plea for compassion toward immigrants.  The phrase reflects a desperate, well-meaning desire to rationalize the presence of people who are violating our laws and patronizing the welfare system.  The trouble is that repeating a phrase does nothing to enforce our law, preserve our culture, or keep the welfare-state Leviathan at bay. "We're a nation of immigrants" is an accurate description as far as it goes, but it leaves out several facts whose omission renders the phrase extremely misleading, and totally meaningless. We were a nation of legal immigrants, almost all of whom arrived as part of a...(Read Full Article)