Using States to Supplant Cultural Leftism

The battle we fight today is not about elections.  We should win walkover election victories against a narcissistic, incompetent neo-Marxist flanked by such bubble-brains and Biden and Pelosi.  The problem we face is not politics.  It is partly the establishment leftist media, but that is a dying creature on life support; it is partly public schools and university education, but we are fighting with increasing seriousness against that problem. The biggest problem is the deforestation of American culture, caused by the slash-and-burn tactics of leftism.  Television entertainment, film, music, and all the other subliminal signals which are incomparably more effective in molding public consciousness than overtly preachy leftist cant reinforce the condition that, as a people, we increasingly cannot share wholesome and common entertainment and recreation.  Although conservatives are reluctant to look to government as the solution to any problem, the promotion...(Read Full Article)