Understanding What It Means to Be an American Hero

Two new books -- a novel by Oliver North, Heroes Proved, and a memoir by Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sergeant Salvatore A. Giunta, Living With Honor, delve into what it means to be a hero.  These former soldiers want people to understand that their fellow sisters and brothers have fought to defend the U.S. so Americans can sleep peacefully at night.  After interviewing them, what comes to mind is the lyrics from the Toby Keith song, "American Soldier": "Beside my brothers and sisters, I will proudly take a stand.  When liberty's in jeopardy, I will always do what's right[.]" Both authors wrote their respective books to emphasize that Americans still need and still have heroes.  Colonel North told American Thinker, "These heroes are real-life, like Sal, not the ones who wear spandex capes.  They put themselves at risk for the benefit of others.  Sal is a living example of the sacrifice and commitment that is required." North explained that he wrote a...(Read Full Article)