Transcending this Suffering

Without freedom, there is no love.  Without choice, there is no freedom.  The choices we are offered?  Either follow the light or burrow into the darkness of self-will.  In this existence, liberty will be ever interconnected with the unfathomable pain that attends free human agency and the natural consequences of severing the polished mirrors of our lives from our illuminating source.  We hear this same plaintive cry following every monstrous evil. Where was God in the massacre?  In truth, He has been where he has always been: at the Doors of Men's hearts knocking to gain entrance.  He could kick the door in, I suppose, and crush evil before it had formed its nasty intent, but that is not the universe He meditated upon in love and wisdom to create.  But if he did, and since it is His ballgame, what makes you so certain it would not be your own brittle house that came crashing down around you? We really should get this straight.  Viewing...(Read Full Article)