The Temptation of Babel

The book of Genesis relates the ancient peoples of the earth, united by one language and one world view, decided to build a tower bridging the gap between heaven and earth. Being of one mind and heart and inspired by a vision of the universality of all humankind, they believed they could construct a self-contained reality that would be unchallenged and that would last forever; a reality in which everyone would live in peace and harmony.As Leon Kass notes in his great work The Beginning of Wisdom: Reading Genesis: "In Babel, the universal city, with its own uniform language, beliefs, truths, customs and laws, the dream of the city holds full sway in the hearts and minds of its inhabitants. Protected by its walls, warmed and comforted by its habitats, and ruled by its teachings, the children of Adam [...] neither know nor seek to know anything beyond. Contentment reigns. Or so it does seem." The ancient Hebrew story sums up the tendency of all peoples in all times to build empires based...(Read Full Article)