The Strategic Concentration of Modern Children

Back in the good old days, when a few million humans were evenly distributed across the planet, every young man was a rampage killer.  In the dawn raid, the idea was to kill all the men in the neighboring village and grab a few women.  Remember the Sabine women?  It was rape and pillage, and a jolly good time was had by all the rampagers. A mere thousand years ago, the Vikings liked nothing better in the autumn than to rampage up the rivers of southern England, killing the men, grabbing the grain, and selling the women and children in Dublin, the main slave market in NW Europe. Now we have the modern rampage killer, who, with benefit of modern technology, can kill a whole classroom of children on his own, without benefit of a band of brothers. Are things getting better, or worse?  According to Steven Pinker in The Better Angels of Our Nature, things are getting better, because the annual death by violence back in the hunter-gatherer age was 500 deaths per...(Read Full Article)