The Lie That Broke Israel's Back

Israel now has a quasi-state to contend with.  "A victory for the values of truth," exclaimed Sudan's U.N. diplomat after the General Assembly voted to admit Palestine as a non-member observer. It's a victory for the Palestinian camp, perhaps, but in truth it was a defeat -- of historic proportions.  Recalling one thing and reaffirming another, the resolution the GA voted on was packed with lies.  Most were blatant.  One lie -- you could say the catchphrase of the Palestinian perpetual show -- enjoyed the sanctity of accepted wisdom.           "The Palestinian territory occupied since 1967" appeared, in one form or another, some dozen times in the U.N. resolution.  This whopper of an old lie, told so often and for so long as to merge fantasy with reality, made Israel's defeat at the U.N. a long time coming.  One might say that it made Israel's defeat historically inevitable. "Occupied Palestinian ...(Read Full Article)