The Five Myths That Empower Hamas

The recent offensive by Hamas, deemed a terrorist organization by the United States, left about 3.5 million Israelis vulnerable or sprinting to shelters as warning sirens blared. If a neighboring terrorist entity were regularly lobbing missiles at US cities, how would the US respond? Would it have accepted a cease-fire that allows the terrorists to continue arming themselves from Iran? That is exactly what Israel was forced to do because of the diplomatic realities produced by the following five myths (vigorously propagated by the media). 1) The weaker party is always right. Sympathy for the underdog notwithstanding, the weaker party can still be the one at fault, as a visit to any children's playground can readily reveal. The same is true in military conflicts: Al Qaeda is the weaker party against the US, but that hardly makes them right. 2) Israel uses disproportionate force. But what force is proportionate to thousands of missiles raining down on your citizens? Must Israel wait...(Read Full Article)