The Biblical Case for Reparative Therapy

I come at this issue not as a psychologist, but as someone who can claim some level of biblical scholarship and has a teaching ministry, and as a straight man who has experienced God's grace.  So my concern in this article is the church context, not the counselor's office detached from it. Back in the day, I lived in Paris, France for over a year, helping out churches, going to school, touring, and sight-seeing.  For a brief time I was even a kind of substitute pastor of a small church in the twelfth arrondissement before I left for home.  Sometimes a small group of us would go out on the streets, sharing our faith in bad neighborhoods. One Friday or Saturday evening, near the Moulin Rouge, I saw someone emerge out of the shadows.  He or she had longish platinum hair, heavy makeup, a leopard-skin top, tight black leather pants, and black high heels.  Yes, he or she had breast features (of sorts).  As she or he approached me, I shared the simple gospel....(Read Full Article)