Stickin' It to The Man

A few years ago, a commercial for a mobile phone carrier featured an executive who triumphantly declared that by taking advantage of a new calling plan, he was "sticking it to The Man." The assistant standing next to the boss, after listening to the spiel, hesitantly replied: "But -- you are The Man." "The Man" answered, quizzically, "Maybe." Today, in real life, some form of the condition, "Stick-it-to-The-Man-e-osis," seems to infect much of the nation. In the last election, Obama and the Democrat-media complex successfully portrayed "The Man" as Romney, the rich, Republicans -- anyone perceived to be standing in the way of (or already having) whatever it was that Obama-supporters wanted. Giving speeches on "fairness" and writing prescriptions on fairness cards, Obama passed out pins for his followers to use to stick it to The Man. Depending on the susceptibility to Stick-it-to-The-Man-e-osis exhibited by the community he was segmenting and organizing, Obama tailored specific pins,...(Read Full Article)