Slouching Toward Damascus

This was a week of some surprises and some perfectly foreseeable consequences of forces which have been in play for some time. The fiscal cliff talks have gone nowhere, to the surprise of only the most daft who do not realize that the President does not want a pragmatic solution. He's fixated on soaking "the rich", stirring up class hatred and trying to drive a wedge between his opposition forces. Among the surprises is this: Michigan, long seen as the showplace home of America's industrialized unions, has voted to become a right to work state. Its Governor Rick Snyder said -- despite massive union protests -- he could sign the legislation into law as early as next week, after which labor contracts in that state could no longer provide automatic deduction of union payments from employees regardless of whether or not they'd joined unions. Another surprise to me this week involves the GM bailout, which turned American property law on its head to pay off the UAW, but may well be...(Read Full Article)