Lindisfarne To Sandy Hook: The Tragedy of Wishful Thinking

I pull up in front of our town's little savings bank branch, drop out of the door and when my boots hit the pavement reach under my shirt and the remove the Smith & Wesson Model 28 .357 which I then put under the seat before locking the truck.  "What are you doing Grandpa?" my granddaughter asks walking around from the other door.  "Here's a word of advice cupcake.  It's never a good idea to walk into a bank with a gun." I don't always carry it.  It's a big piece of iron but it's the same gun I carried long ago as a police officer, I'm very comfortable with it and sometimes I get a feeling when about to leave the house and after a moment's hesitation, take it along.  And that day was one of those. The next stop after the bank was her school and when we walked in together I left it locked up under the seat again.  Not because I was worried about violating the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act because, and while most school teachers and administrators...(Read Full Article)