Liberals: Scrooge or Santa?

Christmas is a time of giving -- a time when even those folks who aren't really well-off make an effort to help others.  The question is, who in our society is really charitable? There's a beggar on the sidewalk getting donations.  Suddenly, one pedestrian pulls out a gun and tells everyone in sight to give money to the beggar.  Once that's done, the man with the gun congratulates himself on his charity.  In this case the pedestrians who voluntarily gave what was theirs were charitable.  The gunman was not -- it wasn't his money that was going to the beggar -- nor were those who he forced to contribute for they had no choice. That's modern liberalism.  We know that conservatives, especially religious ones, give more of their own hard-earned money to charity than do liberals.  Yet liberals constantly declare how much they care for the poor and how little conservatives care about anyone but themselves. It doesn't seem to register with liberals...(Read Full Article)