It Gets Even Worse for Newspapers

It's been a hellish decade for members of the once-mighty newspaper industry, but down in Miami, the ink-stained wretches have just endured the deepest insult of all. It is now official policy that the Miami Herald's long and powerful history of dominance over the Miami media is not worth preserving. Andres Viglucci and Elaine Walker of the Herald report: Miami's historic preservation board on Monday narrowly decided against designation of The Miami Herald building as a protected landmark, in a daylong public hearing marked by acrimony and outbursts by consultants working for the property's owner, Malaysian casino operator Genting. The board voted 5-3 to turn down a designation report by the city preservation's officer, who concluded that the building merited landmark status under four of the historic and architectural criteria required by city ordinance. Only one criterion need be met for a building to qualify for designation. (snip) A majority of board members, however, said...(Read Full Article)