Ireland, Beware the 'Suicide' Exemption

The death in an Irish hospital of Savita Halappanavar in October has galvanized pro-abortion activists in Ireland and around the world.  Their goal is to force Ireland, one of the few places in the Western world where abortion is illegal, to show its modernity by signing on to the culture of death. The fact that Savita's death -- her first name has already become iconic -- had nothing to do with Ireland's abortion laws does not deter the activists.  The international media carry their water.  Their ruthless exploitation of this tragedy has forced the always insecure Irish political class to reconsider their abortion laws. Having spent considerable time in Galway, the city where Savita died, I have seen just how overwhelmed Irish pro-life forces are by the powers arrayed against them.  The pro-lifers are fighting back, but, under international pressure, the politicians are already weighing "reforms."  Among them is that suicide be considered a legitimate...(Read Full Article)