Extra! Extra! American Newspapers Don't Care about Reading

Newspapers need readers.  If children aren't learning to read, newspapers will struggle to survive.  What could be more obvious? You might think that newspapers -- as a simple matter of survival -- would do anything possible to promote literacy.  They should lavish front-page praise on methods that do work and shout criticism at methods, and schools, that don't work.  But newspapers don't seem to care.  Oh, they complain about their declining profits.  But they don't do anything to guarantee more customers. Go to the websites of major papers in the U.S. and search the term "phonics" or "reading."  You'll find almost no articles in any year, and you probably won't see even one article where a newspaper demands that local schools do a better job.  (Anything serious about education is likely to be buried in a blog or a letter from a reader.)  Newspaper editors pretend not to notice the illiteracy crisis, and they thereby aid and abet...(Read Full Article)