California's Road to Perdition

California was once the envy of everyone.   But this promised land is now being controlled by a super-majority of leftists, and the liberal, pro-union Democrats have only one answer to California's woes: to raise taxes.  With that in mind, American Thinker asked California representatives if, after the 2012 election, Republicans become an archaic party in this state. There are many reasons why California Republicans took such a shellacking.  Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA) emphasizes the key word: "communication.  The Democrats had monopoly control over the message.  Republicans need to pull up their socks and wipe their noses to get back into the game." Congressman Brian Bilbray (R-CA) recently lost his re-election bid to what he calls "the political perfect storm."  There was Proposition 30, which will raise income taxes on the wealthiest Californian citizens and temporarily increase the sales tax by a quarter of one percent to supposedly fund...(Read Full Article)