'Are You Going to Keep It?': Getting Abortion on the Table

"Are you planning on keeping it?" This question was posed recently to a married woman by her doctor.  Posting by blog, she commented: "No congrats. No 'how do you feel about this?' Nope. Just asked if I was keeping 'it[.]' ... You'd think the goofy grin on my face would have given away that this was a happy thing." The unwanted assumptions must be fully unpacked to appreciate how such language shapes our culture's attitudes.  Why is it deemed acceptable to insinuate abortion into pregnancy? The offhand nature of this question -- "Are you keeping it?" -- turns abortion into a pregnancy option rather than an "emergency" practice.  Meanwhile, some supporters of abortion argue that a lack of legal abortion rendered harm to women who sought black-market alternatives, therefore abortion should be "kept safe."  But the reality is that abortion is never safe -- women experience complications, the abortion can fail, women can develop problems such as PTSD and others,...(Read Full Article)