Answering Liberals' 'Gotcha' Questions

As much as the establishment GOP would like for the "social" (I prefer "moral") issues to go away, liberals simply won't allow it.  But contrary to GOP establishment beliefs, this is not a bad thing. So, as a public service to conservative Christians everywhere, but especially to those running for public office, this column is a primer for how to answer those "gotcha" questions that any candidate opposing a liberal will inevitably have to answer. First of all, on the question of rape and abortion, as Mike Adams of points out, one should use significant caution when discussing such matters.  Next, I would advise an approach taken by Jesus Christ Himself.  Often, when doubters were attempting to trap Jesus with their "gotcha" questions, to reveal their ignorance and hypocrisy, Christ responded with a question of His own. There are several such questions with which to respond when asked why one does not support abortion in the case of a pregnancy...(Read Full Article)