Against Nothingness

In Jewish tradition, rabbis try to discourage those who seek adoption as converts; they're supposed to be turned away either three or four times, I forget which. In my case, it took a total of four rabbis and at least ten years to adopt -- and be adopted by -- the Jewish people. Most of the rabbis tried to discourage me by pointing out the dangers inherent in being a Jew. I was told that my decision, should it be carried out, could put not only me but my family at grave risk. I accepted that risk even though I didn't -- I couldn't -- yet fully understand it. It was not until some years later that this risk was brought home to me, when I watched one of those Hamas "martyr" videos. You know the ones I mean, the recordings made by suicide bombers before they went off to detonate themselves among Jews in the hope of a "successful" mass murder. The first one said his message to the "loathed" Jews was this: "...we will chase you everywhere. We are a nation that drinks blood and we know...(Read Full Article)