Will Early Education Force The Daycare Business To Close its Doors?

As I discussed in my previous article "'Early Education or Early Indoctrination" our educational curricula could soon come under the control of the United Nations. The United States government supports their attempts at globalizing our American education system and indoctrinating our children in an early education program (0-5 years of age). But attempts to place our children in school from birth are being deterred small business: the daycare industry. Parents currently have the option of either putting their children in an "early education" school focus from birth until kindergarten or an in-home day care or center. But that too might be a thing of the past if the state and federal governments continue placing burdensome and costly regulations on these small daycare centers that love and care for our children. Many parents opt for in-home day care because they feel it is more of a "home away from home" environment; a place where children are hugged, love and rocked, and learn...(Read Full Article)