Where Should We Go From Here?

There has been a lot of chatter, chock full of recriminations, in the short time since the elections, but in all of it there has been scant attention given to any sort of plan to move forward, and even less to trying to bring social and fiscal conservatives together in any way to present a unified front. Some of you might wonder why I refer to the "elections" using the plural form. Yes, Obama versus Romney was the election that got most of the press coverage, but the mainstream media was so busy shilling for Obama that they either ignored, or were unable to report on in any meaningful way, the state and local elections. And in keeping with their liberal mindset, what coverage there was seemed to be focused on things like the dustup over idiotic comments by Republican senatorial hopefuls about abortion, or the approval by voters in California for even more taxes, particularly the increase in state income taxes that target the successful. The MSM limited their consumption of paper and...(Read Full Article)