What Republican Candidates Should Say about Abortion

Journalist: Candidate X, do you believe in banning abortion, even in the case of rape and incest? Candidate X: I'm glad you asked me that question.  Abortion is a complex and controversial issue that has, unfortunately, become politically polarized.  On the right, the anti-abortion position has become ossified as "the sanctity of human life."  On the left, the pro-abortion position has become sanctified as "a woman's right to choose."  These positions are presented as moral absolutes, and there is precious little room for discussion or moderation. In practice, most people hold nuanced and inconsistent positions on abortion.  Our laws are also nuanced and inconsistent.  Polarization has caused us to lose sight of these nuances.  We permit abortion in some circumstances and forbid it in others, but the lines we draw are fluid and, some could argue, arbitrary. By custom and law we call the unlawful taking of a human life "murder."  Thus, if a...(Read Full Article)