What Conservatives Need

It's been a lousy few days for conservatism. I have been inundated with emails from brokenhearted conservatives. It reminds me of the time period between the 2008 election and the inauguration, when people needed to talk. They were out of their minds with worry about what it would do to the country to have a neophyte with no experience in the White House. Between the inauguration and April 15, 2009, while preparing for the first Tea Party, I spent my days in front of the computer screen commiserating with and trying to empower all of the people signing up to attend. The one thing I learned from that time was the importance of listening. It was my message in a talk I had the honor to give to a group of newly elected congressmen and women in January 2011. As our representatives, it is their duty while in office to listen to their constituents who may feel marginalized, irrelevant and, in some cases, disenfranchised from the entire political process. Back then as today, conservatives...(Read Full Article)