Understanding the Right to Life

On the blog Love, Joy, Feminism, Libby Anne denounced the pro-life movement, claiming that its goal is to "control women."  While she listed several reasons for her position, one aspect of her argument displayed a complete misunderstanding about the right to life, and it therefore deserves attention. Anne insisted that the pro-life movement's opposition to birth control (for the stated reason that it could prevent an already conceived human life from implanting in the uterus) is only a smokescreen, designed to hide the movement's actual goal (controlling women). Libby Anne's argument draws upon the biological fact that a certain percentage of zygotes die naturally before implantation.  She declared, "You simply can't be against the pill for fear that it will result in flushed out zygotes and yet not concerned at all about the vastly greater number of zygotes flushed out naturally every day.  At least, not if you really truly believe a zygote has the same worth as an...(Read Full Article)