They the People

The gap is enormous; it's an abyss, and its name is Benghazi.  They the people have re-elected Barack Hussein Obama, and we have been talking to ourselves.  If the disastrous consequences could be clearly perceived, they might lead to a national awakening, but I fear they will be as muddled and confused as the public mind, and the public mind will adjust as it goes along, for the same reasons why it chose to intoxicate itself with the Obama illusion.  The hope may well be a crucible of empty promises, but the change is implacable.  The United States has slipped out on its history. It seems that the economic factor was, as expected, decisive for the vast majority of voters.  And that's why they chose Obama over Romney?  When European voters dissatisfied with the state of their economies systematically reject incumbents, Americans, of all people, reward economic failure?  Foreign policy, on the other hand, apparently weighed less than zero in...(Read Full Article)