The Triumph of the State

An Englishman once observed that the presidency (if we may be lenient enough to call it that) of Barack Obama had taken on the vestiges of the once-deposed ancien régime.  Yet this ascendancy to the ranks of divine royalty by the left's anointed one should be no surprise, given that it has been the priority of America's elites for over a century to reverse the gains of the Enlightenment. To understand how this tragic turn of affairs has come about, we must first assess the constituency of the modern American left, which we may describe as a criminal syndicate of megalomaniacs, casuists, and an endlessly expanding list of victim clientele. Progressives purport to break down social hierarchy and thereby usher forth a never-before-seen utopian world order, but, inevitably, their anti-institutional agenda produces a stranglehold on the body politic.  This leads ironically to social ossification into the most primitive of class structures: a pyramid of power elites, a secular...(Read Full Article)