The New Normal: Turning Back Cultural Marxism

Post-presidential election commentary has focused on demographic trends.  Another trend should also be noted, and that is cultural Marxism, a movement that seeks the elimination of codes of behavior, binding obligations, and moral standardsi.  With President Obama's re-election, this drift will intensify.  Rousseau-inspired cultural Marxists aim to convert our country from a virtue-based community to a wilderness of wildly autonomous selves.  In Rousseau's own words, these elites seek to "force us to be free" -- free in particular from self-evident and objective truth. As has been the case for the last four years, this state-sanctioned amorality will be bureaucratically implemented and ignored by a pornography-addled media invested in the system's success.  Resistance to this attack on virtue will occur in the social issue trenches, be exhausting but faith-enabled, and likely require court intervention. However, because broken homes, broken marriages, sexually...(Read Full Article)