The Left's Scrooge McDuck Mythology of the Wealthy

On a sidewalk in Monterrey, Mexico -- a rich (by Mexican standards) industrial city in the northern state of Nuevo Leon -- a kid, reasonably well-dressed with clean clothes and flip-flops, approaches an American and asks, "Por favor, usted me da dinero para la escuela?" (Will you please give me money for school?) In southern Mexico, a 6 year old -- without any clothes -- approaches an American, "Usted puede darme dinero para comer?" (Can you give me money to eat?) In the Kabul Green Zone, a clean-cut boy in a new school uniform -- dark blue slacks with a light blue polo shirt -- catches up to some Americans walking between bases. With some shock, one American realizes this is the same boy who, just yesterday, was caked in dirt and wearing tattered clothes while begging for a dollar. In Manila, kids offer to serve as guides, sell flowers, flag down a taxi for pesos, or just beg. Their poverty runs the gamut from well-dressed, well fed, and clean; to fed and relatively clean-cut kids...(Read Full Article)